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When we purchased the car here, the salesman Joseph A. promised us a $200.00 internet appointment discount. This discount was no where to be found on the contract and they later claimed it was included in the sale price. Sorry, I was not born yesterday. The agreed upon sales price was before this discount!

The car came with minor scratches on the front of the hood, they told us not to worry about it. Make an appointment, come back and they'll fix it during the 1000 miles service. They made it worst, now the entire hood has permanent, deep swirls. We decided to cut our losses to avoid further damage to the brand new car.

Today, we brought the car in to get some dash light/code checked/reset. We were told they WILL NOT reset anything until we remove all the aftermarket equipment (a couple of pioneer amps), and said they don't even know if the wiring was proper. We told them fine, just do the oil change then, and told them we were sorry to have wasted their time.

After the oil change, the underwriter said, come with me, handed me the keys and said, you're all set. The oil change was complimentary! Were they trying to compensate for refusing to do warranty work on the car!? Were they eavesdropping on the customers' conversation about the dealership??

While were there waiting for the car to get serviced, there were 3 other customers in the lounge, to NO surprise, ALL were very dissatisfied with the dealership and some vowed NOT to ever do business with them again, or buy another KIA for this matter. One person even said they were given the runaround and had to come back to the dealership a few times, now the dealership is refusing to do the warranty work because it was 7 miles over! It wasn't over when they first brought it in.

We try to avoid getting service done here but couldn't afford to drive long distance to another dealership because we had an infant with us.

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