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2009 Kia Spectra
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Haven't had our Kia 2009 Spectra long, but lately have had three electrical problems on the same side. First the battery went dead, then the left headlight burned out, now the turn lamps on the left side both front and rear stay on. This all happened within two weeks of hitting the 100,000 mile mark. :(

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The battery probably went dead because the left side turn lamps remained on..
The headlight just went bad.. They do that...

The turn signal remaining on is probably a bad BCM (also known as the ETACS).
Do a search in the Spectra/Cerato area of this forum for "ETACS" and/or BCM.
Your 09 is part of the 2004.5~2009 Spectra model year. You need to check the DC signals both going into and coming out of the BCM to confirm.
If you do find the BCM as bad then visit a local salvage/bone yard for a replacement and not the dealer (BIG $$$ there).. Average price for it is usually under $100 and sometimes under $50.
Things break/fail and I would not get too upset over the needed repairs..
ALSO....BE SURE to replace the timing belt if you don't know it's age or it's over 60k miles since the last one was repaired..Failure to do so can/will destroy your engine... Once you get the "problems" sorted out your Spec can drive to 300k miles if taken care of properly...
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