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I have a 2000 Kia Joice and the hooter activates at random, without pressing the activator on the steering wheel. I have checked the relay and that appears ok. Has anyone any suggestions as to what could be the cause of my problem ?.

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Hello Derick...
I see you are from Spain. Welcome!
You must be using a translator (hooter=horn).
There is a part inside the steering column called the "clock spring" that connects the horn/air bag/and any switches installed (cruse control, etc) from a "fixed" (not movable) position to the rotating steering wheel. There have been posts on this forum about air bag lights, no horn, cruse control bad...caused by the "clock spring" becoming intermittent. Think of your house light switches...These problems would be caused by an "open" (lights off) condition. The opposite condition would be a "short" (lights on)
condition. (also "horn" on). The wires/conductors inside the clock spring could touch each other causing a temporary short (horn on) condition when you turn the steering wheel. If that is the problem the cure is to replace the clock spring..

Great care MUST be taken because you are working around explosives! (the air bag).
The cars main battery MUST be disconnected for at least one half hour so the air bag system becomes deactivated (dead) before doing anything with the steering column or clock spring.

My writing may look too simple but I am trying to make my ideas translate correctly.
I hope I helped...
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