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Kia Dog Guard

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I noticed in the Clock Crazy thread that a sub thread emerged from David. I thought I would put my views forward but start a new thread.

I like the dog guard, as Murphwiz says it is a bit basic but it does allow for the third seatbelt to be used. I keep mine fitted all the time beacause unlike most cars with the dog guard you can still fit and use the load space cover. Now and again it rattles but I just tighten up the clamps and it's fine. All in all I would reccomend getting the Kia dog guard rather than some 3rd party fits all cars copy.

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Just got my new 2.5 CRDI XE, Silver/Grey and had the dog guard fitted by the dealer. You say that you can still use the Load Cover ? Mine, when fitted left a gap of about 8" between the guard and the top of the seats, through which my dog (a medium size one, a lurcher) quite happily jumps through. I've move the feet nearer to the back of the seats but leaving the top in the same place. The feet are not flat on the base of the boot now :(

Is your guard fitted tight up against the back of the rear seats ?
Give me a day or two and I will upload a couple of photos of how mine is fitted.
I managed to do some photos this afternoon.

The dog guard is a little awkward to fit so it sounds like your dealer just threw in the back like mine did.

what you need to do is drop both rear seats fully including removing the headrests. Get the guard roughly into position and the lift the seats again. The reason for dropping the seats is obvious when you fit it as you will see the third seat belt lump gets in the way also the feet drop out the bottom so you need to be able to tilt the whole thing in order to get the feet back in when its in position. If you turn the whole foot the base will align with the floor of the boot. If you can use two people its a damm sight easier. Good luck
[attachmentid=258][attachmentid=257]Sorry the photos did not seem to come through, here they are again


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I'm not doing too well with these attatchments


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Thanks - it does look as though mine was just thrown in - I will give it a coat of looking at this weekend :)
Looking more closely at your photos it looks as though they've put mine in the wrong way round i.e. the legs slope towards the rear of the car not the front as yours does :(
The photos are great by the way - I think I've spotted a problem re the guard - The fixings look to have ben put on wrong i.e. I have the square ones on the bottom which don't allow for the slope of the legs and so 'stick into' the boot liner. The top ones are circular and are too big :) I'll swap them over tonight - thanks for the help - I'll get back onto the dealer - they just said there was no adjustment and basically told me I would have to live with the guard as it was.
By the sounds of it mine was thrown in the back far more proffessionally than yours was :lol:
Have now re-fitted mine as per yours with Luggage cover :D

Fits Great :D

Thanks for your help. Might call round to dealer and show them how to fit one ;)

BTW - is it easy to post photos - new to this forum :)
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