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My husband and I have been accepted for the Plymouth- Dakar Challenge,
leaving Plymouth 17th/18th Feb 05.- (It should
really be called Boscastle to Banjul as that is our start and finish.) This
is a fast growing challenge/rally but has some unusual aims and rules. The
thrust of the event is to raise funds for desperate Gambian charities but we
will also be raising funds for Mount Edgcumbe Hospice in Cornwall. John has
raised over £8000 for the Hospice by singing as the Boscastle Busker, see
website for details. We will also be raising funds
for the recent flood disaster in Boscastle (our daughter Emily nearly
Participants surrender their vehicles to the organisers on reaching The
Gambia. They are then auctioned and Gambian charities reap the rewards and
we fly back to UK. The Royal Victoria Hospital in Banjul would like our
The organisers offer no back up. Participants must extricate themselves from
whatever predicaments they find themselves in! Vehicles must be in good
condition to attempt such a journey, much of it through the Sahara, but
participants are only allowed to spend up to £100 on the vehicle, which MUST
be left-hand drive! We are now the proud owners of a 10 year old Kia Ceres
pickup - four wheel drive - six seat cab - diesel. I am now trying to
source parts we need to get vehicle on the road, as it drives well and is
the ideal vehicle for the challenge. .........need things like timing belt-any ideas welcome- cheers Chebs
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