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2004 Kia Cerato
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Hi guys, :D

This is a lengthy post sorry...

Im kz and im new here and its amazing what we all can learn from another and learn about others experiences in other countries..

Im from Sydney, Australia.

I thought i was the only one that owned a kia cerato. (and it should of stayed that way, im supposed to be the only one to own a cerato) :angry: hahaha jokes :p can you tell how much i love that car?

I though i'd introduce myself and tell you all a little story bout my Cerato.

If you have insomnia and can’t sleep. Now's your chance. Read on. :p

Early last year i figured its about time to get a new car. Since i established a new permanent job, i thought ill hang up the keys to my 2 door Hyundai Excel and straddle up for something new.

I was actually considering getting a Daewoo Kalos. Which i think overseas their called Swifts. Apart from my other preferences of BMW 5 & 7 series, Honda Accord Euros, and Alfa Romeo's GTA. I woke up to myself and realise that i wasnt a millionaire. :crying: So something affordable and worth while was my only option.

So it was either Daewoo Kalos or the Suzuki Ignis.

But god really favours me. Coz then came the ad for the kia cerato in australia. I never took much notice of it as my mind was set on the Daewoo. But when i looked at the website, i fell in love.

Here in australia the price was $18,990 driveaway. an extra 2 grand for auto. I read the features, looked a pictures, read many many reviews and was amazed and convinced.

It came standard power windows, air con, DOHC engine delivers 101 kw. and all the extras that i couldnt believe for a price like that.

The interior was beautiful. For an affordable vehicle the interior didnt look cheap. Not at all, It was close to being a luxury car. The cream cloth seats and the contrast of the dark dash and cream trims really brought it to life.

So i was really convinced.

I went to dealership which had the white Cerato.

I was in love. so the very next day. It was judgement day. I went to about 3 or 4 dealerships in sydney and to my suprise they were out of stock. Only had one or two manual Ceratos left. and i wanted auto. :angry:

Apparently as soon as they introduced them in australia they sold like it were on sale. So as ive read, some have experienced the wait of a couple of months before new stock arrives.

I didnt give up then. I went to one last dealership, saw a mica imperial blue cerato. first thing i did was check the transmission.

It was AUTOMATIC! I was blessed. :innocent: I started giving really bad dirty looks to other “potential” buyers that kept scooping out the car and sat inside, even one family sat their whole sons and daughters in the back to see if it suited them.

The sales person saw me first I guess, we chatted, I negotiated, and all my hope and optimism paid off. Without even a test drive as I knew it was the one. It was a done deal.

I negotiated to get window tinting for free, genuine cerato floor matts and free fuel.

Within 1 and a half week wait, I had my Cerato. It was way worth it instead of waiting 3-4 months for it. Haha. :p

Settling into the cockpit was grand. I felt like a business person with a very luxurious car. Since my Hyundai Excel was a coupe, the Cerato felt very comfortable and the drive was fantastic. It was quiet, swift and relaxing.

Though on rougher bumps you can feel it inside but to compare to my previous car, LOL no comment.

I’ve had my Cerato now since august 2004. so that’s about 7 months now. And have no complaints what so ever.

Though there are minor problems that I need to get Kia to fix under the warranty.

The Stop Tail light has malfunctioned and it turns on when im not braking. So when Im accelerating the stop tail stays on which can mislead other drivers thinking im always breaking or it can be really dangerous when I have to really break all of a sudden and it doesn’t give them that warning.

The other thing, is the cruise control. It used to work fine. But when I try it now. It just does not set.

The other little bits that’s need fixing. Squeaks in the center console when I turn or run over small bumps on the road but nothing oil or WD40 wouldn’t fix.

(Has anyone else had this problem?)

Other than that,

Everything is FANTASTIC. It’s a still a beautiful car to own and drive.

Though I get paranoid now coz I don’t want my car to get older or depreciate in quality (like my age haha) coz if I hear something that’s not right, which is proably normal with the vehicle anyway, I get really anxious and paranoid to hope nothing is wrong. Haha

But yeh, after 7 months of driving a Imperial Blue Cerato its still a beautiful car to drive. Once those minor problems are fixed and when I go for my first major service @ 15000 kms in the next week or so. It’ll feel like brand new all over again.

The aftermarket modifications I’d want to do with my Cerato is minor. Since the car itself has all that I could ever need anyway.

Im planning to just add 17’ or 18” Chrome Rims, with low profile tyres. Most likely lower it too as the wheel base of the cerato is fantastic and the lines that run over the wheel base will definitely enchance the look of the overall car once the rims are on and its lowered.

Does anyone know of a suitable low profile tyre that will run smoothly on roads and not ruin the sound proofing?

And for next summer ill add a automatic tilt back sun roof.

And nothing much to the engine since my insurance payments will rise and I don’t really want to tamper with the engine itself. Maybe just a new exhaust and muffler, thinking of getting twin tips, one on each back side, like how they have on the 2005 mazda 6's or the 2005 subaru liberties, (nothing loud as i want to keep it as quiet and luxurious as possible) and MAYBE a cold air intake filter or pod filter.

And lastly to upgrade the current sound system with Sub woofer and amplifier. I had already bought and installed a new Panasonic CD/MP3 with DOT Matrix Graphics screen player.

Doea any know that if i have sub woofer in the boot, will that ruin the sound proofing and losen up the back side of the vehicle so squeeks will start to emerge due to the constant pounding of base on the body of the vehicle??

I’ll prolly also upgrade the current suspension from stock to a sports suspension kit.

Does anyone from aust or anywhere else know what would be the best suspension kits for the cerato? and price?

And does any one know how we can make the cerato a more smoother and quieter ride? and wat brands are best?

My overall goal for my Cerato is not make look sporty, but to make it look elegant and european. Since the details on the car itself already presents that elagant look.. just needs the extra flare.

Well that’s all from me for now haha im supposed to be working ay? Ahah

Really love the site and hope to share more stories and exchange tips with all of you down the track.



P.S. After 7 months of owning a Kia, I still up to this day browser the web for info, reviews, pictures and modifications for the Cerato. I stumbled across the official Korean Kia website. And guess what type of Cerato they had?

They have a VR model. Which already includes sunroof, seat warmers, TCS and ABS and options of CVVT engine, to name a few. But THEY ALSO HAVE THE CERATO IN LEATHER SEATS! LEATHER!!!!!!! Haha just envious coz I wish they had that model here.

Heres a link:

Cheers again.

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Leather... the one thing I wanted and couldn't get either. At least I got a leather wrapped steering wheel and shifter.... I've never owned a vehicle with a sunroof either, it sure is nice to have! I don't know how I lived without one before! My last vehicle was a big huge Pontiac Montana mini-van since we had young kids when we bought it and needed lots of cargo space for the little monkey's goods (stroller, playpen, etc). Now with all that out of the way and two kids who take normal seats, it didn't make sense to drive the van anymore. I don't know how I lived in such a big vehicle, this Spectra5 is the bomb!

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