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2019 Kia Cerato RHD
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Hey All.

So I am going to install a Cigarette socket in the boot of my partners 2019 Kia Cerato S Sedan for an upcoming road-trip. I would just like to document it as I go.

I am trying to do it in the least invasive way possible. I am planning on using the factory fuse box under the dash and I'll make my own rear panel as a replacement for the interior tail light access cover.
I'll also adding a light to the inside of the boot lid for a bit more brightness.

So far I have worked out that I can use the factory fuse box under the dash VERY easily. The connectors for the fuse-box is on the front, and very accessible. I have worked out that the AMP fuse (my partners car doesn't have an amp) is connected to the Left connector, Top Right pin, and this pin so happens to be a standard male spade connector.

I pulled the insulation off of a yellow female spade connector, and it fits into the factory connector perfectly, so I will be using this.

The AMP connection is constant 12V, but will be installing a variable low voltage cutoff so that I can have a fridge connected while the cars off, and limit how much it drains the battery. I also want the constant 12V for the boot lid light.

I am currently waiting on parts from AliExpress before I can get started, I also haven't worked out how i'm going to replicate the tail light access cover yet and I need to find somewhere for a ground cable in the boot.
So far its looking like a pretty easy project 馃榿

Instructions to follow.

2019 Kia Cerato RHD
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If you follow these instructions, you are doing so under your own risk. I take no responsibility for voiding warranty (if it does) or causing other issues that may arise such as battery drain, or even fire.

Pins for fusebox may vary between countries and trim level.
You should check this yourself to verify that it is correct.

1. Running the Positive Wire
4mm Red Wire
Yellow Female Spade Crimp (insulation removed)

Step 1:
Feed positive wire from back light hole to edge of large boot hole (follow the pre-existing black cable)


Step 2
Fold the seat down, open back door and pull outer seal away from the car.
Feed the cable behind the panels towards the door (this part can be difficult, and using something to grab the cable may be required)

Step 3
Feed wire through footwell of back and front doors. I was able to feed the cable without pulling the plastics off, but it did take some time and fiddling to get it through.


Step 4
Feed wire from footwell, to fuse box.


Step 5
Strip wire and crimp a Female Spade connector onto the wire (no need for heat shrink as the connector is deep)

Step 6
Disconnect the your car battery, then disconnect the Left Large Connector (blue for my car) by pushing down the black tab on the top.

Insert the crimp into the very Top Right hole on the connector (may need pliers to push it in).

Reconnect the connector by holding the black bar up, lining up the connector, and pushing the black bar back into the original position.

The result should look similar to this.
This wire pin on the fusebox uses the AMP fuse and is constant 12V.

2019 Kia Cerato RHD
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2. Running the Ground and Terminating
Step 1
Crimp a Ring Terminal to a length of Black Wire.

Step 2
I used the nuts for the taillights for this install.
NOTE: I wouldn't recommend this ground point as there isnt enough contact area for a decent ground. I used this however for convince.

Due to this, I used a large toothed washer to bite in around the hole, and a large normal washer to get a good connection to the terminal.


Step 3
Finally, attach a connector of your choosing. This can be a cigarette socket that can be hidden behind this panel, or a different connector (like i used) if you plan on making a panel.

Step 4
Reconnect Battery and test voltage at the connector.

This should use the AMP fuse and is constant 12v. You may need to check yourself.

2019 Kia Cerato Sport
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Good post, I may need to do something like this at some stage too. I've already had to run a wire from that position for a Hayman/Reese tow bar last year, was trail by error till I got the continuous live feed, for the relay they supplied.
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