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I'm the owner of a KIA cee'd sw TX from 2007. A cd is stuck in the cd player, and a repeating "mechanical sound" is heard when trying to eject. I've had the car for service, and they say the cd player is defect. The rest of the unit is working fine.
Since it's beyond guarantee for the unit, I'm now considering buying an aftermarket navi/dvd/radio unit. Especially after being offered a new radio unit for 27000,- NOK or 2540,- EUR / 4500,- USD. Ridiculously high price... Especially since a new aftermarket player with touch screen, color, navi, dvd and bluetooth can be found for approx 350$ - 500$.

So here's my questions:

1. Anyone got a tip on how to get the cd out?

2. Does anyone have any experience with one of the following players? Or knows about an alternative?

Kia Ceed DVD Navigation - Ceed Indash DVD Player with GPS System

Kia Ceed Car DVD Navi Auto Radio GPS System RDS PIP Touch Screen ,

ABM Kia Ceed (2006-) car specific multimedia unit products, buy ABM Kia Ceed (2006-) car specific multimedia unit products from

Kia Ceed Autoradio med Navi, DVD, USB, BT 7" Skærm,

Autós Multimédia Fejegység | ABM Navigációs Multimédia - Cee'D (2006-)

Kind regards
Jan Vidar

RIP :( 2010 Pro_Cee'd - Infra Red 2
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I take it you've tried simply holding the eject button for a minute or so, to see if that helps?

In case it's useful, here's a photo guide to removing the stereo itself.
Kia Ceed Stereo Remove Guide

That should help you replace the stereo, and once the old unit's out you may be able to physically remove the stuck CD, though it's likely to be ruined :(

Of the links you posted, the best one seems to be this;

I'd avoid the top ones (with many car logo's) I've read they're really awkward to use and the bluetooth is terrible.
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