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KIA Cee'd 2009 SW (ED) 1.4 CRDi Diesel
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  • Hello. Around August I gave my old man's KIA cee'd 2009 SW a good wash. I also vacuumed the inside of the car. I probably hit some button when vacuuming, which caused the lock button beside the radio to start blinking. I do not know the exact name in English, but it is some kind of locking button. My father had this function disabled at a KIA dealer a few years ago. But after that wash, the car has been acting very weird. The windows would only wind up sometimes, and the electric folding mirrors don't work at all Eventually the windows stopped working completely, and they are stuck closed. Also, the locking button keeps blinking all night long, and if I open the drivers door, the locks keep making this sound, like they are constantly unlocking and then locking again. Any suggestions beside taking the car to the mechanic? I know the basic electrics in the car, and I do some repairs to the car myself. I have never changed anything related to the locks.


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