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Kia pro ceed 3 2013
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I am still trying to understand how my Pro Ceed can be using no fuel at all on rundown, as described recently on the forum. I searched the internet looking at modern cars idling designs. I did find information explaining that four different methods of engine idling control are commonly used. The one that caught my attention was the one using a Pintle valve. It described it as a variable valve coupled with a piece of electronics that reads a list of “If’s” and opens the valve accordingly to different setting. This "IF" list must be fascinating and wondered if a member could go through it for me please? I can see the possible start up instructions as been something like “ On cold start up open valve to setting four and reduce to setting one when engine temperature is at XXX”. Or, If heating fan is switched on increase idling speed to setting two.
I am particularly interested in the “shut valve” instruction to save fuel during rundown, in gear, and with throttle closed?
If Kia do not use the pintle valve for idling I would still appreciate an explanation.
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