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Hi all, I recently bought a 2010 Kia Ceed 2 EcoDynamics CRDI and clocked 92k miles. I took the car for a Free Brake check at Halfords AutoCenter after I heard squeaking noise when I braked. The suggestion was to Renew both rear brake discs (Red - Worn below manufacture minimum spec), rear brake pads (Amber - Recommend the brake pads are replaced with new brake discs) and rear tyres (Slight wear on edge of tyre).

1. Is it recommended to replace the rear tyres on this condition?
2. Do the rear tyres need alignment after the discs, pads & tyres are replaced?
3. Do the rear tyres need alignment done, if only discs & pads are replaced?

The car had its MOT done on 20 Sep 2019 without any advisories & hence, I am not sure how these issues were missed during MOT.

Please help on these questions & would be glad if any additional inputs are provided.

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