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Just found this site and thought readers may be interested in what my company is doing with KIA Carnivals (Sedonas) here in New Zealand.

In late 2000 we designed and carried out modifications to a KIA Carnival to enable a person confined to a wheelchair to enter and drive the vehicle whilst remaining in their wheelchair. If you wish to check it out a bit further take a look at our web site:

We have completed 28 of these conversions to date. Orders for further conversions are coming fast and furiously.

Although two of our clients with the early Carnivals have experienced the overheating problem (KIA NZ did not hesitate to supply and install complete new engines) all other vehicles have been performing excellently with no faults experienced. I understand the cause of the engine problem was resolved in April 2002 with no reported problems since.

As the conversion requires complete dismantling to a bare body shell we have been able to assess the build quality of the Carnivals in detail. We can find no fault and find them to be extremely well built and comparable with vehicles of twice the purchase cost.

Happy and safe motoring

p.s attached a couple of shots of one of our happy clients taking delivery of her KIA[attachmentid=45][attachmentid=46]


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