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2005, Kia Carnival LS, 2.5L V6 Automatic
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Need help please!!! Just bought my 2005 Kia Carnival Automatic 2.5L V6 at 165Kms on the clock. My Mechanic recently changed oil & Filter, transmission oil, sparkplugs to iridium, replaced water inlet (broken and caused the leak) and outlet pipes. Also changed a lot of air vacuum pipes, cleaned the MAS sensor and entire intake manifold and throttle body, changed cylinder head gasket (Rear), changed the ignition coils (all 6) from the wreckers, also added fuel injector cleaner on the gas tank. I thought it would run like butter after the changes.

but there are 3 problems:

(1) When moving from 0 (say from a stop light), and I need to accelarate and pick up speed to get to 80kph, it takes up to 4000rpms in low gear before it shifts, say from 1st gear, gradually to 3rd gear. Sometimes I have to lift my foot from the accelerator at 3000rpms for it shift, but if I just leave my foot on the pedal, it does not shift automatically.
(2) The car still has good engine mounts, but the car shakes on idle while on drive. Before we changed the Ignition coils, it was shaking like crazy, replacing all 6 reduced the shaking by half, but it still shakes.
(3) Heat radiates in between front seats (driver and passenger)

I am not a mechanic, so please ease on the too technical terms :). My mechanic cannot diagnose the issue properly, he said at one point to replace the PCV valve, but turns out the 2005 Carnival KV6 engine has no valve, he also said it could be a misaligned timing belt.

Has anyone experienced the same issue please? Appreciate the help
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