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I am a new Amanti owner (loaded, Pearl White), and I am still in my "honeymoon" period with the car. I still can't believe I got everything I wanted in terms of style and luxury at an affordable price. That being said, before I bought I read all of the reviews I could get my hands on, and took careful notice of the weaknesses noted by the test drivers. I would like to start a thread of likes and dislikes about the Amanti, with the thought that someone from Kia may monitor this board and appreciate the feedback. I won't bother making a list of all my likes at this point, it would include almost every feature of the car. Here are some of my concerns/dislikes:

I do worry about the high depreciation the car will have, mainly due to the poor reputation of older Kia models. I know that Kia offers "loyalty cashback" to help offset this, but I will be in a world of hurt if I decide I don't like this car in a year. I had no interest in buying a Toyota or Buick once i test drove the Amanti, but both have higher resale value. One of the reasons I don't worry about this too much is that I tend to keep my cars for 10 years or until they die, so resale is not a big issue for me. The second reason is that as Kia improves their quality, and thus their reputation, their resale value will increase. I believe that the Amanti is being sold for far under market value in order to get a foot in the door, like Toyota did when they first came out with their Lexus label. Only time will tell.

I wish that there was complete crash test information available. Rollover information is available (4 stars out of 5), but they haven't done the full crash test yet. The Hyundai XG350 got 4 stars, so I assume the Amanti will do as least as well.

I wish that there was a Consumer Reports review. They were supposed to review the Amanti, but never have, maybe because they think it is too close to the XG350 (which they give a buy rating). If I were Kia I would try to get them to do a review, as a lot of people use CR as their main source while car shopping.

This next one I am conflicted about - I wish there were more Amantis on the road. I love the heard turning quotient of my Amanti (very high!), but am sometimes concerned that I don't see more of them on the road. I guess when that does happen I will wish there were fewer...

I wish they offered a beige interior. The grey leather looks good, but with beige leather my pearl White Amanti would be a dead ringer for a Benz.

There are a list of other issues: lack of a navigation system and compass, under powered engine (which I have yet to experience), soft suspension (if I wanted a sports sedan I would have bought one), etc. Likewise, the dual climate control (it will save my marriage), variable heated seats (my honey likes her buns nice and toasty), the fantastic sound system, the quiet ride (I never want to open my windows or the sunroof!), etc. all make this one of the best cars on the road.

Not its your turn, please share your likes and dislikes/concerns.

JAGBENZ (because that's what it looks like!)

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I feel like Jagbenz that we amanti owners have got in to a good thing, partly because Kia is entering a new market. Also, similarly, keep vehicles for a long time and depreciation isn't a huge issue, but my wife has hinted that she would like trade in after the 5 yr. warranty period is over. So, I hope that it is keeps
a reasonable trade in vaue wether I purchase another Kia or some other makers

So far I love the amanti. I have just a few comments for improvement
First, the seat cushions could be a bit less firm.
Second, the seat belt straps could come out of the seat, like on the LeSabre,
the amanti's comes across my wife's chest too high, she is short.
Third, for the long run I think better gas mileage, maybe Kia can come up with
a hybrid!
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