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Keyless Remote Programming

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I bought a 2004 Sorento EX yesterday, and I really like it so far. I just have a few questions:

1. The keyless remotes I got do not work. I called my sales guy, and he said they just need re-programmed. I am not going back to the dealer until Thursday. Does anyone know how to do this without hooking it to Kia's Hi-Pass machine? That's the only info I found on it. A lot of other cars, including other Kia models, have much simpler ways of doing this.

2. I have a click/rattle in my overhead console. If you push anywhere on it, or in quite a big area around it, it "ticks" or "clicks". Of course, this happens any time you hit a bump or crack or anything. I'll have the dealer look at it on Thrusday. Just anted to know if anyone else had this problem...and if there's a qiuick fix. I tightened everything Ic ould find, but it appears that it'll require taking the console cover off, and I am not about to do that.

3. I read the thread about resetting the altieter. Mine is now set at 0, and I would like to set it to what it's really supposed to be. Any help there would be appreciated.

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I'm not sure you can program without Hi-scan, it's a 2 minute job with it!
I'll take a look through manuals tomorrow for alternative methods.
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