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2016 Kia Picanto 1.2 EX (auto fwd) (white) named Ivette
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hi everybody I have a 2016 white Picanto 1.2 EX named Ivette and I have the simple key w/out the remote when i boght it (I'm the first owner) the dealer added 2 remotes that are working fine bu I'd like to convert it to a ''switch-blade'' style key fob or to be more accurate this one:

Electronic device Technology Gadget Parallel Laptop accessory

will it play nicely with Ivette or it will be problematic?
if anybody has this key as a blank and wat to sell it contact me I'll be glad.

tnx in advance

I actually found a part number for a key that I think is compatible with Ivette
part number: 95430-M6000
Product Electronic device Mobile phone Portable communications device White

will this work? and if so can I program it to open the rear hatch and operate the alarm?
this is a locally installed immobilizer so it's not that important but still.

for reference, this is my original key and the remote the dealer added:

i know it's an universal remote so there is the roots for this post.
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