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2011 Sorento 3.5L V6
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My wife lost BOTH sets of keys for our Kia Sorento and I thought I was going to have to shell out big bucks to get a new key.
Luckily, my wife is bad about locking the car (is that lucky?). So the car was parked in our driveway, unlocked.
I searched on Facebook Marketplace and found a guy named Shay. He came over very quickly, 30 minutes after I called. I didn't even need him to be over right away.
He was able to program me two keys very quickly. They work just like the originals that were lost. Lock, unlock, and to start the car. He did not cut the metal key, but there is a blank metal key included on the FOB.

New Key FOB = $125
Coder (since I didn't have an old key to copy) = $19
Extra Key FOB (same as first one) = $65

So for $209 I got two working key FOBs. Guy was quick and polite. I would recommend him if you are in the Atlanta, GA area.

His name is Shay and number is 404-514-3456
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