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Kenwood Audio Out

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I ahve a kenwood cd head unit that has phono audio out sockets on the back, I also have a large speaker unit that will fit in my boot area seems to be some sort of combi unit as there are connectors on both sides(plug a wire directly in type of connections) Can anyone tell me if I can just run cables from the ausio out on my head unit to this speaker unit, or does it need a seperate amp?

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do you mean a subwoffer???
if so you will need an amp to power it correctly!

I'm not sure if it is just a subwoofer, the unit has 2 large speakers and 2 small speakers in it. On either side there are red and black connectors, which made me think that this might be a stereo speaker set in a box with both woofers and tweeters built in, I may be wrong though
its not a sub. cause a sub is just a sub no speakers. are they speaker inputs or rca plugs. what i mean by rca cables is red, and white. plug not wire.

Yeah they're definately speakers, I managed to get the unit fitted it was a piece of cake, also changed the stock 40W rear speakers with some Kenwood 100W and wired them all together -Its sounds really good now. Still got to pluck up the courage to take the front door panels out and replace them when I re-upholster them
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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