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TBD - Researching Kia hatchbacks
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Well, normally these new member introductions include information about the make, model and other details of one's vehicle... but at this point I'm just researching if the Kia hatchbacks or hybrids may be a good fit for our needs.

I've got a 100 mile round-trip highway daily commute, and my older 18-20MPG vehicles just aren't economical and of course have no warranty. So something like the Rio hatchback or Forte5 look attractive.

The Niro is also an interesting option, but the cost will probably exceed our budget to get the option packages we'd want.

It will be interesting to see if Kia updates the available features in 2019 for the Rio hatchback since other markets outside of the US seem to have a better assortment of premium options, and when they'll announce the new Forte5 based upon the new 2019 Forte sedan.

I look forward to the information here that will assist with that research.

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