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Hey guys - long time no see.

I can't remember if I've asked or seen anyone else ask this before:

My 4x4 system likes to engage by itself, and then either immediately shut itself off, or it'll stay on (even though the knob is in 2HI mode) until I cycle it to 4x4 and then back to 2HI mode.

The last time this happened, I was doing 60 down the interstate. Needless to say, I want to fix it ASAP. Has anyone encountered this before? Is it just a control module or the knob assembly itself to check? Or something more dire?

I mentioned it to my garage, and they're looking into it as well.

This is only a recent problem - it is very random, no real pattern to it, but it does seem that it has been happening more frequently lately. I'm at about 98k miles right now, it first showed up around 89k.

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If I am reading the schematics correctly, there are 2 relevant connections on the Transfer case module - one for 2Hi and one for 4LOW. The switch on the dash connects either of these to ground (chassis) to enable those modes. In 4HIGH mode, neither of these connections is made (there is no connection shown on the 4HI switch position).

So, if the system 'jumps' from 2Hi to 4HI then I would guess the 2Hi connection to ground is failing, thus leaving an open circuit (which is ssame as 4HI). Could be at the switch end or anywhere along the 2Hi line back to the control module or between the switch and ground - there is a common ground connector (I31?) behind the lower crash pad around the steering column, but I think you have to remove the crash pad to access it.

First off I would make sure all connectors at switch end are sound. Look for damaged wire at connector, etc. If nothing, I am thinking test would be to isolate the switch and hardwire the 2HI line to ground in the first instance and see if that eliminates the problem. Then you can work through the wiring.

It may of course just be a bad switch.
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