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I have a 2012 Sedona LX, where I've replaced the majority of lights with LED's (and low beams w/ 35w HID's, relays, and capacitors). However, an issue that I've ran into is the passenger-side turn signal. On that particular side, I have a load resistor on the "flasher" part of the wiring, which works as expected (meaning, normal speed turn signal, and will turn on when switched). However, the actual running light (what would be the normal/constant-on filament part of the bulb) does not stay on. Instead, it will stay on for a brief period of time, and then turn off.

I was thinking that this is a possible CANBUS issue, but was not 100% sure as I do not have full knowledge on the components it monitors or the side-effects (if on/tripped).

Any thoughts? Should I add another resistor to the "running light" wire and "common ground? The socket itself (#92161-4D000) has already been replaced.
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