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Doesn't the Tucson PHEV have the exact same engine? It's been out for a while.
So does the Sorento and Santa Fe HEV and PHEV, which came out for '21. '23 is the third model year for this drivetrain, and there are still severe issues with some of them. Mine's back at the dealer AGAIN for the transmission, engine sounds like the valves are tapping (bad) under any load, and right rear suspension clunking. I've had other first model year vehicles over the years, but this is, by far, the worst. This has been back to the dealer more than my new '06 Jetta, which I thought was excessive. Meanwhile, the only thing my '21 Rio has been to the dealer for has been oil changes and a free replacement set of wiper blades in the first year. I never had to take my '21 Niro to the dealer, either.

So far, mine has been in for the transmission 4 times with one replacement so far, engine noise, coolant smells, dealer pulled a misfire code for #2 cylinder, LR window motor replacement, and rear suspension rattles.

My dealer has me in a '17 Sorento loaner with 71k miles, and it's leaking oil onto the exhaust. The smell is making me nauseous. I might take it back this morning and tell them I want something else.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts