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Hi, I'm hoping someone can help with this... Thank you in advance

I got a new Techno Orange Sportage KX-4 (Auto) UK version just before Christmas. Everything is fine and I love my new car, some of the things are a little counter intuitive but manageable.

The main issue I'm having is with the audio systems relationship with an iPhone, it appears to have trouble with sorting my phone book contacts by first name rather than surname and has limited options. however, all that is insignificant compared to the issues with pausing the tracks I'm playing...

I can't seem to get a PAUSE button to appear whilst connected via iPod but I can get the traditional navigation tree and repeat/shuffle options. strangely, when connected via Bluetooth I get a nice pause button in the middle of the screen but with no iPod navigation or repeat/shuffle options!!!

I'm a lover of audiobooks and not being able to pause them is infuriating, I previously had a VW Golf that had a mute button on the steering wheel, when pressed it also paused the track... The sportage just mutes it.

I've had a quick look at the firmware (6.8.d) and I'm aware of the update to 6.8.h but I don't know if it resolves this annoyingly simple oversight.

Anybody have any advice or a workaround?? I noticed some outdated posts on the forum but none of them had answers
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