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2012, Kia picanto, eco 1.0
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Really hoping someone has come across this and solved the issue as so many people are at a loose end with it!
I have a Kia Picanto 2012 eco, around 80,000 on the clock and not had an issue until 2 months ago.
when turning the key in the ignition, a clicking noise occurs. When the car is bumped it will start and then Could start for a few weeks until the issue happens all over again. The start/stop also does not work (not a big issue but could possibly be related?). The car has been to 3 different mechanics who are all stumped (including a Kia garage).

I had a replacement key made by a locksmith (not genuine Kia) in late December... could this have anything to do with it?

The car so far, since the issue started, has had
a new starter motor and a new battery. No error codes have shown either.

has anyone experienced this? Or have any ideas? Any help is hugely appreciated!!

Thanks in advance.
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