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2004 Intermittent start Immob light need help

last few months, sometimes my engine will turn over for 5 seconds before starting. and today i noticed the Immob light on the dash stayed on after starting and stayed on until the next time i restarted it.
i am assuming this means the immobilzer and that the key is to blame but it does it with both my keys. seen other posts where other problems seem to be related to the immo light. can't understand this.

any one run into this problem before?

2004 Kia sorento V6 gas 190,000km in Canada.
other issues hard steering at slow speed, 4wheel drive sticking while turning on dry pavement. replaced output shaft sensor and this fixed those 2 problems.
Not downshifting and engine light on. Clearing the check engine light with code reader to make drive able until I replace the throttle position sensor to fix this.
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