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Hello, I have a 2005 Kia Sorento V6 and there is a pesky electrical issue.

1) The headlights, one or the other, need replacing every month for the past 6 months (currently out)
2) The driver power seat moves back intermittently. I have to slide the switch back 5 or 6 times for it to engage the motor. (currently malfunctioning)
3) The passenger power window switch went bad last month, I changed it out and it began working. A month later it has gone out again. (currently out)

I have also changed the alternator and battery in the past 6 months due to them not charging/not holding charge correctly.
I checked for parasitic draw. Multimeter reads 0.18 on 10A setting across neg terminal and diconnected neg cap.

With main wires still connected and the car off, MM reads 13.06V immeadiately after the car was cut off and went down to 12.98 after a minute.

Please advise, thanks in advance.
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