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1996 Kia Sephia GS
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1996 Kia Sephia 1.8L automatic
First issue;
I just got this car and have some issues I was hoping I could get some help with.

I believe the previous owner hit a curb. Cant say for sure but 2 rims are very chunked up on the sides and I had to replace 1 tire because we found a bump in it that was causing the steering wheel to shake.

Other reason is there is an intermittant rhymthic grinding noise. Sometimes on a drive it will be almost the whole time sometimes not at all and sometimes just pops up and then goes away.

I checked the wheel bearings they seem tight. Lifted up each side and grabbed top and bottom, got no extra movement. CV joint on the right side was replaced 7 months ago it said and looks brand new. CV on the other side looks replaced about the same time but I didnt have paperwork for it. I have not taken them off to test them but dont have the common symptoms (click or clunk in a turn)

When driving the noise randomly seems to happen, coasting, accelerating or braking does not matter. It seems to get louder when letting it coast and it is obviously louder when turning to the right. Again this is only when it is happening, other times there is no noise at all. I do know I need new struts but I dont think they can be causing this issue. Sound/grind seems to be coming from near center of engine area. The balls joints were also replaced roughly 7 months ago and look brand new.

My other issue I am having is it seems to hit a wall with power.

Issue seems to be at its worse in 4th gear (right around 35+) the sound of the engine changes ( I think it may be exhaust sound ) it gets louder slightly and sounds hollow maybe might be the word to describe it. Normally its peppy and goes along fairly quiet but once I get to a hill I lose power and the sound of the engine changes. I can push the pedal down more, you can feel it shift and itll go into overdrive or whatever it is but the sound is different. Sometimes it does not do this, its probably 80% of the time I come to a hill.

I am changing spark plugs if its not raining today (they were changed 5k miles ago before I bought the car) trying to find a fuel filter since nobody seems to carry them as well as a tranmission filter. I do know my transmission fluid is a little high. I also for the life of me cant figure out how to read this dipstick, there is fluid evenly all over both sides, there is on line even if I let it sit for hours. (unless its extemly overfilled)

I am hoping the no power issue is related to spark plugs, fuel filter or transmission being overfilled.

Thank you all for the help!
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