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those supplied filters are no worse then the K&N filters since both filters use the "pleated Cotton media" which is the filtering element, its basically medical cotton gauze with a metal screen wrapped around the outside for structural integrety. Also using a K&N cleaning kit will nto harm it since its the same "technology".

performance wise that tilter will be the same as the K&N filter since it uses the same meterials and same design. So your not gonna have any gain for swapping that filter out, your just gonna lighten your wallet, thats all.

anyways make your own, its far cheaper, more rewarding and you control how you want it designed instead of having it predesigned.

also make sure the MAF (mas airflow sensor) is within 6 inches to a foot near the intake manifold. Also DONOT remove the screen in the MAf, you will lose power. Its there for a reason.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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