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I would use an optical RPM reader first that is aimed at the crank pulley..
The engine may be sitting at 600RPMs but the tach may be indicating 1100RPM.
It sounds like you bought a Canadian Market KIA and replaced the Canadian dash panel with one from the USA.. The programing in the Dash and also the ECM may not be compatible with each other. Your current dash may receive voltage "values" from the Canadian ECM for speed and RPM and convert them into meter indications. The US dash may not correctly convert the voltages to the proper indications...
An ECM programed for an USA market 2008 Rondo may correct this problem BUT may add other problems like We don't have the "immobilizer" theft protection circuitry used in Canada and if your car does from it being a Canadian model...You car may not start.
Your VIN# stored in the ECM will also not match the VIN# from the "donor" car and could get you in trouble with the law as they may consider your car stolen if they Compare the VIN plate with what is stored.
I'm just trying to keep you out of trouble...
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