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Kia Rio 1,5 CRDI 2008
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Daniel Stern Lighting Consultancy and Supply

There are no headlamp relays in Kia Rio. I have measured the voltages and when the voltage on the battery is 14,2 V (engine is running) the one on the bulb is only 13,0V. The lights are powered by ignition switch and light switch at the steering wheel. The switch connects the bulbs to the ground.
It is a very rare solution - most of the cars have the lights powered by "+" and the "-" (ground) is permanent and common for both H4 bulb filaments.
Long and thin wires cause the voltage drops - egual 0,6V form the "+" and "-" side. In addition if you use the headlights permanently the ignition and lighting switch contacts burn out. First the contact resistance increases and in the end a givn switch (not cheap) may be required to be replaced.
I use DRL ligts to save my headlamps (I read in one forum that two man compared their the same cars after 3 years: one used DRL from the beginning in his factory new car, the second guy didn't. And they measured their headlamp outputs by a luxmeter - the headlamps in the 1 car had almost 2 x higher light ourput than those in the second car).
If you make calculations you'll find thad if the bulb voltages were increased from 13 into 14,2 V the light power would increase by about 20%.
Has anybody made installed lighting relays in Kia Rio?:)
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