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2009 kia rio (auto)
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I have a 2009 rio. Ignition has always worked fine aside from having to play around with the steering wheel the odd time to get the key to turn. Now I go to move the vehicle and insert the key and it will not turn in the ignition cylinder. Turning the steering wheel or playing with the shifter have no effect on it. Key works fine in the door locks. Locksmith quoted me 120 CAD just to look at it. If I look on rock auto there is an ignition cylinder/switch/bracket assembly with keys for 133$ or a cylinder with keys for 208$
Would it be worth having a locksmith look at it or should I just go ahead and replace the part and get someone to come program the keys?
Is there anything I can try to make sure the ignition cylinder is my issue and not something in the steering lock?
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