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2009 Borrego; 2008 Sportage; 2016 Picanto (in Peru)
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I had the electrical section of my 2009 Borrego ignition go bad. Nowhere could I find a part number. Every place I went gave me only the complete assembly with key cylinder and body; and Kia never answered my request for a part number.

I went to Amazon and looked at every picture as well as ebay and Alibaba and finally decided to buy a couple that looked similar. I found that Hyundai part number 93110 3K000 is a direct replacement after comparing everything including continuity and pin markings.

I replaced the original part that had 167,000 miles on it and it is functioning fine. I am posting this for anyone that searches as I did. When I purchased the part from Amazon, their site told me it would not fit my 2009 Borrego. This was probably done because Kia has it nowhere in their Borrego parts listings.

I cannot see a reason to replace the entire key assembly and the cost and/or work involved when a less than $20 part and scrunching under the dash for 15 minutes can accomplish the same result.
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