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'03 Sedona 3.5 built 04/03
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Need to replace this ignition coil extension wiring harness 39610-39050. Can only find on specific Kia 'parts' websites.

Found this almost identical part & number for same year Hyundai with the 3.5 engine. 39610-39030 it looks like the Hyundai doesn't have a waste spark system like the Kia does. But the connectors and pinouts in the connector are identical from what I see, but I may be wrong. Would the resistor ground be that much different or are these just slightly different part # bc manufacturers? And if the resistor grounds are the only difference couldn't I just swap it with the one from the current harness so that the new harness now has the correct resistor ground in it?

It's just that the alternative I found is 1/3 of the price, available much faster, and includes free shipping. Would be good for others to know too as this will be the third harness (first new) for this particular vehicle.

Appreciate any advice

Had the bad/shorted ignition coil driver on ecu. Only short seems to be internal ecu, not the wiring/harness. Ordered ecu, coils, and extension wiring harness (bc it's falling apart). Guessing the last time the harness was changed was bc connectors were falling apart, found bent pin/terminal on coil and harness wasn't fully seated/clipped/locked. Maybe the connectors failed causing the pins/terminals to cross shorting out the driver, idk. Or maybe the coil failed and took out the driver?
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