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Depending On the engine:
1.6l: mb6bf-20-660
1.8l: mbp2y-20-660

These are the Kia part numbers. The 1.6l is $767.00. I'm not sure about the 1.8l. They usually just need to be cleaned. You will need a new gasket if you take it apart.

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It's located on the side of the intake plenum. Follow the large rubber hose to an aluminum casing, it's mounted there.
It has two solenoids (motors)that open and close a "butterfly" (flap) to control the Idle speed. With mileage and ingested dirt/deposits it becomes sticky. You usually can clean it with choke cleaner and it will run normally again. Be careful not to get cleaner on MAP/MAF sensor inside rubber hose.
The "bone" yard will cost you much less than at the dealer and they usually give a warranty on used parts.
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