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Hi Guys, noob alert so be nice :thumbsup:

I want to buy a Picanto, and Ive a few questions, and if youd be so kind as to help it would be appreciated.

Im based in Manchester in the UK and currently own a W Reg Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec, 5dr. Ive recently changed jobs and now live 200yards from my workplace, so Im doing no miles except to run my 2 kids to nursery and back.
The focus is getting to the age where is costing me money to keep it going and the economy is just rubbish.

So, Ive been looking at the smaller city car types, done some reading and have dismissed most of the Picantos peers, Yaris, Panda, Maritz......but the Picanto seems the best option for me......

Buying the Car
Went to my local, 15miles, and took a look at the showroom model, sat in it, very comfortable, had to move the drivers seat all the way back to get the right position, and then I sat in the back, behind the seat Ive just moved, and I had plenty of room.
Anyway, it was the 'Glamour' model which wasnt too bad, nice spec, but Im curious about someting someone said in a previous thread about the 'Glamour' being less spec than LX?

So, what are the differences between the Glamour and the LX?

I was hoping to do a part-ex with my Focus, and according to all the 'magazines' out there the tradein value of car should be around £4,200, what did I get offered..........£3.300 and that was doing me a favour, according the sales rep.

So I asked about nearly new and she showed me a LX, 10months old, black, 2.5k miles for £5,995, now I would never pay the price on the sign, how far do you think I could push discount on something like that, forgetting the partex, sell that privately to get a better value, and use it towards the Picanto.
The creepy thing was, the car had just come in, not cleaned or anything, and the number plate was L* **OGO, considering Im graphic designer I thought that was spooky.

So guys and girls, do you think they are taking the pee with the tradein value?
Should I go for a new Glamour, or the secondhand LX?
I did want to shift my car this month, is this a good time to try and get myself a bargain, before the september rush?

Im ringing them tomorrow to arrange a test drive, see what its like, I will report back and let you know, as just from reading a few posts this looks like a decent forum, cheers.


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Originally posted by netboy@Jul 30 2005, 11:53 PM
according to all the 'magazines' out there the tradein value of car should be around £4,200
£4200 sounds a bit high for a car of that age.

I'm not sure on the specs of the glamour or LX, I've got a SE myself (which they've now stopped doing) and it's fantastic for the money. If you decide to go for a used one see if you can get a SE, well worth it IMO.

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I agree with the comment on the se, worth the cash if you could afford it. Trade in values are often dissapointing, my friend went to Peugeot with an 02 reg 206 lx and it wasnt much more, about 300 more. I have seen some good original focuses for £3,500 spaceship miles mind you. The glamour is the nicest looking new picanto though, bare in mind the lx would only have been £6,499 brand new, so your not giving you a bargain. I would probably go new and get them to do a spare wheel, mats, flaps, and a tank of petrol.... Some dealers can really take you for a ride, pardon the pun and they will try it on especially part ex. Selling privately will def get you the best re-sale.

Best of luck

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