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2000 Sportage 2WD 2.0L MFI DOHC 4cyl A/C 4 Door
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A few nights ago I was driving home from work and took a 20 mph corner off the freeway off ramp a little too fast. My traction broke loose and I started spinning like a figure skater. I thought it would grab the pavement and I could steer out of it as I was not going much over the speed limit. Well It did not grab on the wet pavement as it was drizzling rain and I continued the spin and when it finally did grab i was flipped over into a ditch with about 2 feet deep water. Now I took off my seatbelt and was totally dis oriented. It took a moment to realize i was all wet and that the passenger window was now UP and trying to open the front or the back passenger doors was useless, the lock switches were closed and a few passers by lent a hand to try and get me out, but the doors would not budge. Finally a young man said you want me to break it? I said, please do , I can't get the doors to move by pulling the lock button up and opening the handle , so go for it. He came back with a football sized rock and said, Stand back! Glass everywhere, but I hopped out and thanked him over and over again. He is a hero.

The police came and then the tow truck, they pulled it upright and towed me a few blocks to my house. I was not injured. Not even a scratch. But now I have a Kia that sat on it's drivers side in a deep muck puddle and is missing 2 windows. Drivers rear, and the Passengers front. The windshield is also badly damaged, and some good dents in the body on the drivers front quarter panel, rear quarter panel and the roof is buckled along the luggage rack.

After cleaning it out, I could not believe how much glass was everywhere and how I did not get cut. Just for giggles I tried to start it and she fired up like nothing ever happened. So Took a little spin and other than more glass appearing everywhere, It drives fine. All the fluids are normal and not a drop of anything has leaked out.
I think the fuse panel got wet as well as the drivers door control panel, so I will take those apart and give them a good drying and cleaning.

I think I can get it back in action with just a couple windows and a wind shield.
Since It was rolled over , is there anything else I should be on the lookout for? I was a little surprised that there was no fuel cut off switch and that the doors were non functional when on its side, they work fine when it was upright again.
Not really a good feature to have the doors lock you in when you roll IMO.

anyway, glad to be alive and well.

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