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Well, I've stoped for the time being on the fabracation of the new dash on my 03 rio. I don't really like the gauge cluster that much. A smaller one would also make it look much better. I was looking at clusters out of the newer style beetles. They are very popular, alot of mods out there for them. I was also looking at dakota digital. A bit expensive though.
So I guess my questions are,
1. Any wiring diagrams for the current 03 rio gauge cluster?
2. Any wiring harnesses?
3. Any known adapters for any other clusters to the rios?
4. Cheapest route, dakota or beetle cluster?
5. Wiring harnesses for these clusters?
6. Any diagrams for any of those clusters?
I would keep going but you get the point. Monday or tuesday, I'll try to get ahold of a volkswagon dealership and check with them and talk to the guys at dakota digital. But any information you guys can throw up would be great. Thanks.
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