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How to upgrade to UVO? - 2020 Kia Sportage S

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I purchased a 2020 Sportage S that came with the Sunroof and the button start package. But it does not have UVO even though I do have Apple CarPlay and Android CarPlay.

Is it possible to upgrade the system to UVO for remote starts and remote unlocks with my smart phone? How much would it cost?
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It doesn't look like your car supports UVO. You don't have a "MAP" button and you don't have the place where the SD card is inserted (next to the "PASSENGER AIR BAG").
How is that possible? I thought that the push button start package automatically installed UVO? Could the system be upgraded for UVO?
UVO used to be separate from the navigation system. One or two years ago, this changed and UVO updates come with the map updates probably because the same company does both. We used to be able to go to the UVO site for updates -- that no longer is the case. Because of that, it looks like the only way to get UVO is to buy the technology package on the EX or buy the SX. This was not the case when I bought my 2017...
So I guess the S trim with the Premium package is the one that includes UVO Link. The question is, can the premium package be added after you have purchased the vehicle?
The Premium package must be installed from the factory because it uses different harnesses and lots of different components. You're must better off getting an aftermarket engine start and locking system -- it would be far, far cheaper -- and possible. Personally, I don't think the UVO system offers a whole lot. I use Android Auto but never use UVO stuff.
You should contact your KIA Dealership and ask them if you have it and how to set it up.

When I purchased my 2019 Sorento SX they set all that up for me before I took possession of the vehicle.

From what I understand, the head unit he has does not support UVO. Setup is not the issue... They've been downgrading UVO over the past few years and only using it for remote start, etc. That's why they no longer issue separate UVO upgrades. UVO really doesn't make much sense today...
For me the only reason I wanted UVO is for the ability to lock/unlock, and start the car from my smart phone. rvoll is right, for me Apple CarPlay is enough as far as navigation and entertainment features. But that was why I really wanted UVO - to be able to get into the car and start the car if I ever lose my remote fob.
I'm not sure the UVO start will let you drive the car without a fob. It should disable the car, if not right away, after a few miles.... Have you tried it?
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