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Kia Sorento 2007 4x4, Mercedes E200 Kompressor 2000
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Hi all,

I used to have a problem with my Sorento 2007 4WD system, but now solved as I found the magnet on the inner sides of the 4WD engine, broken.

So, After I took off the engine and dismantled it, and found the problem, I put it back, but it seems that there is a sound or "moaning" coming down from the transmission. To make it clearer, the 4Hi engages, but it does not make that regular klink, when turning the knob to 2HI, it seems that the 4HI is still stuck. The way to get things back to normal (to 2 HI) is by turning the car off and wait for a couple minutes then start, and everything is normal.

Therefore, I thought maybe I mispositioned the small 4WD engine, however, there are only two position, I tried both, but it is the same.

You might ask if there is oil in the 4WD case, I do not know really. I found the hole where you can drain the fluid, but could not find where you can fill it in.

The other issue is common, which is the lights in the room. The ones in the middle do not work when you open the door. I read one thread here that indicated to a fault diode next to the fuse box under the dashboard, but it did not work as I tried one diode I took off from another sorento.

Let me know and thanks a lot.
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