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hose identification - crankcase PCV

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Hey guys!! I was replacing my valve cover gasket and broke a little part. I have no idea what it is called and was hoping for some help. This is a 99 Kia Sportage 4x4 with manual transmission. Thank you in advance. She is my daily driver so I need to get her "Mud" put back together asap!! ☺
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yes crank case ventilation. tap it, put a threaded barb on it, and reattach the vacuum line (if you broke the nipple off the valve cover)
that's exactly what i did!! thank you soo much!!
Your arrow is pointing to the PCV VALVE and the rubber hose is the hose that connects vacuum air from the intake manifold to the valve, Left cracked or unhooked, it will cause idle rpm problems.
thank you soo much!! where my PCV valve was located was my next question. i have a new one to put on it as well!!
i dunno guys, but what i broke was the pcv valve itself. i pulled the hose off and opened my new pcv valve and compared. just gotta get the new one in now. thank y'all!!
oh, ok. i understand fully now.
again, thank you soo much for the quick reply. i thought i was going to have to order parts and wait. you're a lifesaver!!

I understood that from your first post and responded correctly to you. I think member rio-t was on the same thought but was suggesting a cheap fix verses just replacing the PCV Valve itself. It is NOT "just a one way valve" but a metered opening also to not draw off too much vacuum of the running motor.
Yes replace the PCV Valve and all should be good to finish your maintenance task with your ride. :)
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1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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