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2005 Sorento ex v6 automatic
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last week...well after a go around with the service manager and later a rather long phone conversation with a KIA customer care rep. (a manager) he called the dealer then called me back and told me that they would and spend time diagnosing it and resolve the problem

i heard from the service manager to bring the vehicle back and they would need the vehicle for a WHILE to check out the cherping horn problem and to replace the defective grill.

i took the sorento in today

in the time it took (it seems just to replaced the grill they were done workin on it)
gee how much time did they spend on the"cherping horns" ?

the service report reads "could not duplacate problum" THE BIG RUN AREOUND AGAIN"
rather to make a scean in the showroom (there were not enough customer there anyway) i took the vehicle home.

i called KIA customer service (what a joke!) and REQUESTED no more run around, since i had in my possesion THREE service reports (all i need in NJ to file for the lemon law here.
for the same unrepaired complaint.

i gave them a choice to replace their best guess at the causel part or me filing for the NJ lemon law which costs the consumer nothing.

i ask them to contact me over this matter no later the end of the day 6-20-05 as to their choice.

and the "my dead sorento" problem as far as i am concerned is not resolved either.
i think at this point it was or still is a sticky relay.
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