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Kia Sedona 2011 2.2 manual
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I bought an 05 Sedona 2.9 crdi about 8 months ago.
When I got it the horn had been rewired so there was a button by my right knee. It is really annoying.
I decided to try and fix it the other day.
It felt like the airbag was empty/missing so without any research I dived in and bought a second hand steering wheel with airbag.
When it turned up it felt exactly the same as the other one (so I now have a spare lol)
After reading up a bit I found out it is usually the clock spring that is the problem so I have sourced another one which I am waiting for.
The thing I am not sure about and am trying to find out while I wait for delivery is :-
Where do the wires from the horn attach to the steering column?
The reason I ask is there are two wires going to the new button the last owner had attached and I am not sure if these are the original horn wires removed from thier last conection point or if they are extra ones he has added.
If the turn out to be the originals I will need to reattach them.

Thanks in advance.

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