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Hook Broken On Spare Tire Assembly

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The hook on the tire assembly on my 97 Kia Sportage 4x4 has broken. I've got the tire assembly tied to the towing ring on the bottom of the car because if I don't, the spare tire assembly flies open when I drive. I've gone to a Kia Dealer and they can't seem to find the part. All I need is the hook part that attaches the rear tire assembly to the bottom of the hatch- any ideas? Thanks!!

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if you go to you can look up the part number and bring it to your kia dealer. I did a search but i'm not exactly sure which part you're talking about. The link below might work and it might not. (could be session sensitive.)

Click this line.

Part # 0K018 63361E is described as striker-back door and is the metal hook part. and shows at $5.45
Hi there,

That part looks like the part that the spare tire asembly locks onto to prevent it from opening- I need the actual part that hooks into the "striker"- the striker is fine- it's the hook part that attaches to the striker that broke- I hope that makes sense- I could take a photo if needed- Thanks a bunch!!

Email me. I have removed the entire spare tire harness and all acessory hardware to go with it. I could work something out for you.

[email protected] and let me know exactly what you need.
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