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2011 Sportage EX 1.7cc Diesel - Manual transmission
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Ok like i said in a previous thread i had planned a holiday with the family using the sportage. Here are some facts.

We were 5 persons including all laggage.
The sportage is a 17cc turbo diesel with manual gearbox.
Kilometers done 2270. Roads envoirnment were mixed with uphills and flat roads, and it also included a 30km road going up a mountain.
Driving was combined as it was done on Autostrada and in cities.
Everage km/hr 100 - 120km.
Diesel used Euro275 with an everage cost per liter 1.6Euro.
Everage fuel consumption 14km/ltr.
Car computer indications varied from 6.8 ltrs/100km to 7.1 ltrs/100km.
climate control nearly on at all times.

The car handles well on all accasions. i was impressed with the handling at high speeds, (the first experience with this car to go a bit fast. lol. cos we don't have roads long enough to pick up high speeds on our island.)

The only problem i noticed, if it is a problem, is that at speeds higher than 120km, wind noise will start to be heard from the sunroof and sometimes it gets iritating. I dont know if it is a common thing as i did read some other threads in this forum.
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