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Hi everyone.
Bought my Sportage EX in Dec 2000 in Florida. After a few initial problems
( knee airbag, O2 sensor, MAS, front disc re-skim) it has run great. Notably a WEEKEND drive to Trenton NJ from Punta Gorda FL and back, and then a drive towing a U Haul trailer and all my possesions from FL to New York where I put the Sportage in a container and shipped it to England. Unfortunately someone took a dislike to my FL plates and keyed both sides and slashed the rear tyre cover....
But now,two and a half years later, it takes me, the wife, and our bicycles through the mountains here in Switzerland. Ok so it groans a bit up the passes and I get overtaken by Smarts, but it has no rust, paintwork still shines and other than replacing the belts, plugs etc in England it has been CHEAP to maintain. I now have a few problems which I will post here, as I dont speak much German and the garages here are mega expensive, 260 swiss francs ($200+)for an oil change !!!!

I like my Kia, I sold a Ford Explorer Limited to buy it !!!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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