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2001 Kia Sedona 2.9 CRDi SE & 2004 Accord 2.2I-CDTI Exec
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This is one for Murphwiz I guess....

I've seen plenty of forum threads about the 2.9 diesel being a Merc unit.
Also , I've always considered the Sedona/Carnival to be a cheap clone of a Chrysler Vogayer/Dodge minivan so maybe there is a greater connction with Merc'c parent company.

Can anyone shed some more light on the history of this engine i.e :-

- Where is it made
- What older cars can it be found in ?( Merc / Chrysler/Jeep )
- What current cars , i.e. Hyundai ?
- Is the Delphi ECU / pump system common or would other versions of the engine be controlled by Bosch systems?

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NOT a merc unit.
Maybe a redesign of a Mazda unit, as most early Kia stuff has it's roots in Mazda.

Engine is made by Kia.
No idea what cars if any it's been in previously.
Current cars, afaik just the Sedona and possibly the Hyundai Terracan, although not seen the engine in those, but it sounds familiar if less powerful.
Other Kia diesels use Bosch injection.

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Hello Ebod,

Murphwiz is better placed to answer your questions.

I wrote about this recently.

Murphwiz shone a posible light on a misunderstanding.

Amoung other things he said lift the hood and find a componant with Merc'
on it, of coarse there isn't anything.

Also I am given to understand some Sedona/Carnival engines were made in the same Austrian factory as Mercedes engines, I'm convinced this is where the Mercedes link has come from.

A little while ago I came across a thread, it was a spat between two old boys
one of them was saying he had owned both the Sedona and a Mazda and they were identical engines, I can't remember if the engines in questions were diesel or petrol.

However in the last three weeks, on E-bay, there was a 2000 Sedona 2.9 advertised with a Mazda engine.

When I purchased my chip box for my Sedona, I had to specifi Delphi
or Bosch, I assumed, ( maybe wrongly ), that in most parts of Europe the
Sedona/Carnival ran with the Bosch system.
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