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Hi everyone. I have a 2010 Cerato, owned from nearly-new (it was a KIA VIP car at the 2010 World Cup). Automatic transmission. Trouble free motoring for 2 years nearly.

Week before last I took it in for it's 60k kilometers service. Nothing was wrong with the car, I just wanted to get the service in before getting busy at Christmas. Actually I was only on 58,000-odd and not 60k yet.

Service went fine. Invoice shows all the usual including new oil filter and oil change.

I then, just a few days afterwards, whilst driving in residential area (and all of this happened inside of 10 seconds)... engine raced without increase in power, ratlle/knocking sound,oil warning came on, total loss of power. Car stalled and couldn't be restarted. All within a town block. Literally just seconds.

It was towed to the nearest KIA centre by KIA Roadside Assist (same garage that did the service days beforehand). A friend who waited for the tow with me checked the oil dipstick before they towed and found oil was in there, but couldn;t determine how much as dipstick appeared to have burned oil on it.

Garage have now called me to say that it is a "bearning knock" and that they have photographed it to send to "warranty department" and that the cause is still not known and they are investigating...

I would dearly love to hear what any of you more mechanically minded and knowledgable guys make if this?
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