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2006 Kia Rio sedan
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Hi All,

Well I got my new [to me] Rio all up to snuff. The needed repairs cost me more than I was hoping, but so is life when you buy a car off craigslist and w/o a "real" pre-sale inspection. [a goodyear was the only option as it was a weekend and they pretty much just did a "courtesy" check] Lesson learned.

Anyways, I've read that these cars RPMs run kinda high at freeway speed. Mine are around 3500 @ 65mph, which just seems high to me and like it wants/needs to shift to another gear [it's a 5 speed manual]

And even if it is ok to drive at 70 w/ the RPMs around 3500-4000 it does not seem like it would be very enjoyable. Anyone else experience this? Are there any options to remedy this? Thanks in advance!
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