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When I got my Spectra it was a base model that had inserts for driving/fog lights. I like a lot of light in front of me to see the road at night so I added some H3 driving lights. I had already put in PIAA H4 headlights which helped greatly. After installing the driving lights it turns out that instead of a pure white color they are dingy yellow. This pissed me off LOL. I went and bought 100 watt bright white H3 bulbs and they are still yellow. :-( (I am not worried about melting my wires as I made my own wireing harness for the lights out of good wire LOL)

I had purchased some rather nice projectors because I wanted to convert the headlights to HID but I have now decided to leave the headlights as they are and make those projectors into driving lights. I plan on using either a 6000 K or a 8000 K rated HID system as I like the coloring and lighting from those the best. Do to the location of where they will be I decided to use a fully submirsible HID system. My buddy sent me the link for a nice one (even the lit bulb was underwater) but I lost it. LOL When I get it again I will post it up for everyone to see.

I just wanted to tell everyone this to let ya know that I have the coolest Spectra and will continue to have the coolest Spectra after this LOL JK ;-)

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