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Hi, I'm from Singapore. Got my ride a 1.5M H/B Rio (Cinco) on Mar'04

Not much had been done to the car but more of ICE:

1)15" Enkei S/rims with Yokohama 185/55/15 Advan tires
2)Stinger Pro Grounding Cables
3)Door Molding (which our agent here don't provide)
4)Upgraded ICE
a)Ft 6" Alphine comp spks
b)Rear 5" Boston Rally coxial spks
c)Boston Competitor 10" Woofer w/c box
d)4 Channel Alphine Amp
e)1 mono block Boston Amp
f)JVC MP3 Single Disc player
g)Stinger Expert series RCA cables (Spks)
h)Stinger Bullet series RCA (Woofer)
i)Stinger Expert Spk wire
j)Stinger pro power cables
(Sorry guys can't remember the models)

Hope to share some tips and ideas here.
Cheers :lol:
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